Offer – architecture

ARCHITECTURE We offer advisory services in the branch, project architect’s supervision and we create a comprehensive design study, starting from concept architectural design study and ending up with technical architectural designs. We cooperate with many experts from branches connected with building industry, which enables us to prepare designs including the activity of many branches (indoor installations, plumbing system, wiring, gas fittings, terminals) We use the latest software to design – BIM (Building Information Modelling): Autodesk Revit. This software enables us to create multidimensional designs. It is more advanced system to design than software CAD (Computer Aided Design), which only serves to support the design process. As far as BIM is concerned, a customer has an opportunity to keep abreast of observing and analysing building shapes in 3D. Interested customers can see the interior of building from different perspectives. They can notice lighting, use of colours as well as the texture of finishing materials. When we design an architectural object using BIM, we improve the communication with customers and contractors, which eliminates the risk of misunderstanding concerning the spatial form and the final appearance. The design process is shortened, which reduces the cost, without losing the quality and without t any restrains in a design study. BIM technology also provides us with 100% guarantee of spatial accuracy of our ideas because apart from relying on our own imagination, we can count on the efficiency of BIM. The opportunity to keep abreast of the analysis of three-dimensional shape eliminates many subsequent problems with implementation or functionality. Thanks to BIM we can make all spatial analyses and examine the context with surroundings in a short time, which eliminates the problems with fitting a new object into a landscape and surroundings. We also use a classical software CAD: AutoCAD as a supporting tool. It serves us mainly to coordinate work between different branches. RANGE OF SERVICES:

  • technical advisory (building materials, building technologies)
  • investment advice (the choice of area to Invest , the choice of place, building law)
  • the analysis of development area capacity
  • the analysis of the feasibility of investment
  • spatial analyses
  • analyses of insolation and overshadowing
  • architectural records with photography recording
  • concept architectural design study of high capacity buildings with their location on a building plot
  • concept architectural designs of interiors
  • detailed/developed designs of high capacity buildings including the activity of many branches
  • detailed/developed designs of land development including the activity of many branches
  • detailed/developed designs of interiors
  • technical designs of high capacity buildings including the activity of many branches
  • technical designs of land development
  • technical designs of interiors
  • architectural visualizations
  • project architect’s supervision
  • the preparation of a program and conducting courses and training about how to operate the specialist software Autodesk Revit