About us


WITTWÓRNIA is a company dealing in the creation of architectural projects, the performance of photo sessions and photojournalism, established in June 2013 in Gdańsk. Its owner is an architect and a photographer Robert Witt.

The company profile constitutes an obvious continuation of earlier work of owner grounded in acquired knowledge and experience in the branch of architecture since 1997 and photography since 2005.

The company was created out of unrestrained passion of shaping space-time. We cooperate with the representatives of a wide range of branches and we focus on the  comprehensiveness of customer service, creativity and top quality.

We concentrate on creating the material space – ARCHITECTURE and retaining events and time in this space – PHOTOGRAPHY. Our main aim is to avoid pervasive shoddiness. The sea, our local element of nature, does not let us have another approach, because it disdains  makeshift solutions, hates tawdriness and does not forgive the lack of sensitivity and imagination.

ARCHITECTURE According to us it is space created in a human-friendly way. It was established close to nature, with the use of all available achievements of civilisation. We do not perceive architecture just like the members of modernism movement from the beginning of the XXth century did. It is not a kind of machine but it ought to exist thanks to machines. We enjoy novelty but also appreciate tradition. We respect the artistry of epoch-making creators, cultural and natural contexts, however, we move with the times in which we live. Thanks to us, old objects begin to be alive again in a modern style, in the best sense of the word. We also create new objects with the respect for the surroundings, customers’ needs but with leaving our traces too.

PHOTOGRAPHY enables us to retain space and events in a transient moment. It is a method to show the world in an original and an unconventional way. Photography is not only a simple document or the recording of reality but it is something more, it is a visual creation in the search of beauty. In the past people were afraid of taking photos because of the risk of stealing their souls, nowadays we find the recesses of the soul and show them to the world. We know how to create and present space and thanks to the architectural perspective, we are equally able to use all its dimensions with remarkable ease.